Monday, November 29, 2010

I Am Parts of a Whole...

Today I read my book. Well, I actually started reading it last night. I saved it as a PDF and read it on the iPad. It was like reading a REAL book. Except for the mistakes: the type-o's and a few plot inconsistencies. (But who hasn't found those in REAL books?)

I spent 6 hours (thank you work vacation!) in the library reading it and making it just right. It is just right for NOW. I know that I will give it to my friend Sara and she will say something like, "I love it but don't you think that Rachel should be more of a feminist?" and I will have to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to make my protagonist a better feminist.

I came home from the library today to find my mom teaching my son 6th grade math on-line and it made me realize how blessed I am. Yes, I am blessed to have smart, incredible kids. But more, I am blessed to be surrounded by people who make my life possible.

Julio makes my life possible. He always has. Our anniversary is Friday. I considered getting his name tattooed on my wrist as sort of a symbol of love. Rebecca advised against it. I am trying to come up with a good back-up but I have nothing to give him that could ever equal the life that he has given me.

My mom makes my life possible. She has been tutoring my kids and playing endless games of Life and Bingo for over 2 years now. This is two days of my week that I treasure beyond anything that I can say.

My sister and my friends make my life possible. They make me into a better person. They laugh at me and make fun of me and take me as I am (which is incredibly flawed). I could never be a professional friend (although it does seem like a job that I would try) but these people forgive me for that and love me still.

My big dysfunctional family makes my life possible. My step-niece is next in line to read my book. She will read the whole thing in three days. I know this about her. She is the kind of a person that will talk about it to the rest of my family at Christmas and I will be embarrassed and then everyone will want to read it (except for my mom who has already said that it wouldn't be her bag---although I might be able to convince her if I can get it translated into French). This is what makes my family great. They will either love it or hate it but they will never tell me to stop writing.

My dad used to wake me up every morning saying, "It is a grand and glorious day to face the challenges and opportunities that life has to offer." I am NOT kidding. He was that kind of dad and I love him fiercely for it (even if I used to throw pillows at him when I was younger).

I am a person who exists because the people in my life have made it so for me. I am parts of a whole and am so very very grateful to have each of these pieces in my life. Today, my book is perfect. It IS a grand and glorious day.

It must be time to let more people into the bubble. Get ready, Caroline...


moljoe said...

My favorite post you, Louise.

Paige said...

Love this one too, but have to favor a mention of my little cutie patootie first :-)