Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Writing and Reading and Catching Up

Okay, it's been awhile since I've done a bloggy catch-up. I apologize. I actually have been reading lots of blogs, but I've found it difficult to comment because I'm so late to the game that everyone has already said what I want to say. I wish that I could just write "Yeah, what they all said" on the comments so you all know I've been to see you.

A few things...

1. Today is the LAST day for you to vote on the Band Camp contest. So go read all the hilarious entries and pick your favorite. Winner will be announced next week when I get back from LA.

2. Yes. I'm going to LA for the SCBWI conference this weekend. It may be the only chance I get to meet my Alaskan collaboration partner Jolene. My roommates/writer friends have dubbed it #BarCon. So yeah, if you're there and looking for me...you know where I'll likely be.

3. I've been writing a lot. Jolene and I finished GESTAPO. Sort of. It's with beta readers right now. As most of you know, this book has been the thorn in my side ever since it got to the quarter finals in ABNA. It's so very different now from then. We've written it so many different ways. Jolene has been really patient about all of it. This might be my last effort on this book. If it doesn't work, then I'll likely let it go. Evidently, I am slightly allergic to writing commercial fiction. I also started a new book that I wrote 50 pages of in 2 days. It feels like one of those books that will never be published, which I said about TRAINWRECK so that's maybe a good sign. It's probably the only true YA romance I'll ever write. And yes, it's a girl-girl love story.

4. TRAINWRECK edits start in the next week or so. I don't really know what that'll mean for me. I shall check in and let you know how it goes.

5. I'm reading my friend Holly's e-serial: KING SOLOMON'S WIVES: THE HUNTED. It's great. Part suspense, part historical. It's kind of like a woman's Da Vinci Code in it's complexity. But better because it's a serial and you get to vote on what you want to see more of in book 2.

And finally, the winner of THE BESTEST RAMADAN EVER is Golden Eagle. G.E. shoot me an email with your snail mail addy and I'll send you your book.

Now, what are you all up to? Writing? Reading? Any of you going to LA?


Kelley Lynn said...

I wish I was going to LA. So jealous.

Your new idea sounds great! I hope edits for TRAINWRECK go smoothly.

Peggy Eddleman said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on GESTAPO! And on edits for TRAINWRECK. And LA? I wish! It sounds like so much fun! I hope you have a blast!

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

I love hearing what you're working on, because it always makes me think:oooh, when will she finish so i can read it! I will look forward to hearing about LA through your eyes. :0)

M.J. Fifield said...

The only writers conference I've ever attended was held in a church. There was no bar.

Enjoy sunny L.A. and best of luck with your edits and betas.

Brinda said...

Never say never on the YA romance thing. I wish I could go to some of these great conferences. Have a blast!

Suzi said...

Wish I could go to LA too.

Not writing. Waiting for beta readers to read ms, then will be editing. Excited to get back into that. One returned it with many good comments already. Realize once again I don't see my characters how others see them. Thank goodness for betas.

Reading Forgiving Trinity by Liz Reinhardt.

Guess I'm not into using subjects in my sentences today. Does that bother the editor in you? :)

Alexis Bass said...

Oh no, you will be on my coast but yet so far away! And I distinctly remember your Judy Blume experience of last year (and being soooo jealous)! Can't wait to hear about your experience this year! :)

And good luck with GESTAPO!!

Jessica Silva said...

currently in revision hell. once I've finally got a solid and coherent draft of this damn book that's been in complete pieces for over a year, I'm FINALLY doing to send it over to PEOPLE to READ it. scary thought. then hopefully, yanno, find an agent and get a book deal like YOU :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Golden Eagle.

I went to L.A. last summer. It was such a great experience. Have fun.

Good luck on your projects.

Sophia Chang said...

omg we're going to meet at last? You MUST tweetfind me this weekend!!!!