Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why Dance Central kicks butt over DDR...

So I'm writing...and revising. And it is closer than it was yesterday so that is all good. But whatever for that right now because first, I have to say how much I love Dance Central on the XBOX360 Kinect. For those of you who think it is like Dance Dance Revolution, I would argue that that is like saying the new Karate Kid is like the old one. Apples to oranges, my friends. (New Karate Kid is way better--obviously!)

Dance Central has a bunch of different music (everything from the Commadores to Salt N Peppa to Lady Gaga) so really, it is a game that everyone in my family can totally get behind. And the dance moves are great. Yeah, so it has been over 20 years since I've had to do a jazz square but still, I've learned more moves from three hours of playing this game than in 3 years of teaching aerobics (Yes, I taught aerobics, it was a great way to lose weight and make money--win/win as far as I am concerned). On New Years Eve, my friends and I spent over an hour breaking down the Cabbage Patch for the Dance Central version of "Bust A Move." You heard me, the CABBAGE PATCH...and we hadn't even been drinking that much.

So why is this relevant to writing? It's not really except to say that I have about 20 hours a week to write (if you don't include the evenings trying to write while Julio is watching a football game which tends not to be that productive). And if I didn't love writing so much, those 20 hours would be sucked up playing Dance Central. This game rules and I pretty much HATE all video games so you know that's saying something. For real, it's awesome because you are working out and learning how to dance in a million versions of fabulous!!! (yes, that's 3 exclamation points, ad friends!!!)

My friend Rebecca has a weird sense that RADIO STATIONS ARE FOR LOSERS will actually be picked up before GESTAPO. My response to that is: Not if I keep unlocking new songs on Dance Central!!!

I will endeavor to remain focused (or as focused as I can be with 3 small children) in completing my first draft of RSAFL. In the meantime, find me if you are looking for some Cabbage Patch pointers. And wish me luck!


What I'm reading: STARGIRL by Jerry Spinelli--Yes, I have heard mention of this book but I just didn't know. I mean really, how did I miss this book when it came out? It is everything that I hope that RSAFL could be and I know that it won't (because there is just one Jerry Spinelli).

What Jojo just read: SCHOOL OF FEAR by Gitty Daneshvari. Jojo finished this in a morning so I am going to say that is a good reco from her. She was nervous about it at first because she can get freaked out by books (she didn't like THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY for that reason and that book was great) but she said SOF was really funny.

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