Monday, January 10, 2011

Why I like YA books...

So people have asked me many times why I want to write YA books. The implication behind this is of course, who do I think I am that I can write YA books? I am certainly more "A" than "Y" and despite my love of Glee and the slightly dated but still awesome My So-Called Life, I haven't been a teenager in 17 years. A lot can happen in 17 years. Believe me, no one is more aware of this than I am.

But if you want the quick answer, this is what I've got:

1. I love reading YA more than just about any other kind of book. Yes, I do read other kinds of books but really, most of the time, I finish these grown-up books with a "meh" and return to my YA books. They are faster-moving, spend less time with flowery description, and are almost always chock full of good drama that makes me chuckle. Most importantly, they make me so grateful to be PAST that time in my life.

2. No one ever questioned why John Hughes spent so much time in the YA world. The answer is obvious in every brat pack movie that he made. Teen drama is FUN!!!

3. I write well in this genre. I see scenarios on a page and can hear the teen voices in my head. I love YA dialogue. How frequently can you write a line like: "You are so uptight. Why don't you have another jello shot and try to remember that I've seen your birthmark?" in grown-up books? about never?

4. And finally, there is something about the YA time of life that is addicting. With the hormones and the freedom, it's like watching toddlers try to drive cars. I just can't help myself.

All that being said, I will stay writing in this genre for awhile. It is just too great to leave.


What I just read: THE D.U.F.F. (Designated.Ugly.Fat.Friend) by Kody Keplinger---I loved it for all the great shallowness. Kody was 17 when she wrote it and there is something about 17 year old writing that hits the nail on the head. I mean really "D.U.F.F."??? Awesome.

Jojo is still reading HP6 but we are making a library run today because "it's awesome but kind of heavy, Mom." Yeah, just a little bit.

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