Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Accepting Limitations...And Failing...

This week feels like a month. I'm not sure exactly why. Too many balls in the air, I suspect. Too many things I want to do. I had to break down and hire a babysitter for this afternoon. Partially, because I have been messing around with book trailers and my 9yo has started asking "How come all those dudes on your computer never have shirts on?" Oops.

In trying to juggle so many things over a summer where my three children are under foot, I have run into failure more times than I can count. And I have had to learn to accept my own limitations. This includes trying to delegate (*snort*) things to others. And also accepting there are things I am just not good at:

1. I am not good at responding to comments from people who are following my blog but aren't plugged in. I can't tell you the embarrassing number of times I have written a pithy response to a comment only to send it to ""

2. I can't seem to master GoodReads. I have only 5 friends on GoodReads. These are friends who have requested to be my friends. I have no idea how to request to be friends with others. Add to that the fact that I am rather delayed in inputting my books and you get one big fat GoodReads disaster. Don't even get me started with LibraryThing.

3. I seem to only be able to respond to people in positions of "authority" with sarcasm or inappropriate ribbing.

Example: My financial planner left a message at home and on my cell yesterday about his decision to move to a new company.

I emailed him back thusly:

Hey Murphy--
I am very busy and important and unless you can help me sell romance novels, we are going to have to table your need to emotionally process your job change over the phone. Suffice it to say, I trust you and our money will continue to follow you as long as you are breathing. Just don't get rid of your assistant. I have no doubt she is doing all the work around there anyways.

He responded to thank me for my "kinda kind words."

4. I cannot manage to call my sister or my parents on a weekly basis. I am a complete failure at over the phone communication. My sister has learned to text me. My parents have learned to shame me. I still can't get it together to call.

5. I would like to be Mary Poppins with my kids over the summer.  I am instead Miss Hannigan. Sigh.



Lisa Dunick said...

Ha! I gave up on Mary Poppins years ago.

AliyaPM said...

LibraryThing is my home! I can help you in whatever way over there. I tried Goodreads one time, but I ended up forgetting about it.
Love that email!

Jennie Bennett said...

Thanks for this because I am totally feeling the same way. How can I possibly do it all? I guess I should hire a babysitter too :)

Heather Howland said...

Goodreads = Import your friends from Twitter and/or Facebook. They're buttons somewhere on the Friends page.

The rest, well... LOL If I knew how to be Mary Poppins, I'd have written a book on how to pull it off years ago. Hang in there!

Aubrie said...

I'll try to find you on Goodreads...

erica and christy said...

I've switched to only emailing back responses and yeah, whoever no-reply is gets a ton of mail from me. And Christy's gone wild with Goodreads and eventually she'll teach me how to manage it, too.

Deb's Answers said...

To get more friends on goodreads, join groups, friend and fan authors you read and compare books with reviewers you like. Once you have more friends, goodreads will start suggesting friends for you.

I answer questions about goodreads and other things on twitter (debsanswers) and my blog, if you need more help.

Carrie said...

Are you making gin in the bath? Because I've always wanted to know how to do that, and it could pull in a whole new customer base to the lemonade stand.

moljoe said...

"Little girls, little girls, everywhere I go, I see them! I'm an ordinary women with feelings...I like a man to nibble on my neck." - Miss Hannigan
No kidding- I was just singing this today! You make me laugh, like always. You and me, kiddo, were not meant to be Mary Poppins, but I bet we have more fun!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Summer. It used to be about being carefree and having fun and enjoy days that went on and on. Now, it's like a season that needs to be managed.

I think maybe you need to let go something for the summer, put GoodReads on hold until September? Or add something, like a regular time when you can escape.

Most important of all is to not let the summer go by without savoring some of it's goodness!

Kristan said...

I'm a complete failure at phone communication too! My mom is the only exception, b/c hey, she's my mom. :P

Have to admit, your post made me grin. I think your trials and tribulations are totally normal. Hang in there! We all muddle through somehow.