Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Teen Self Revealed

Alexis waxed nostalgic last Friday on her blog about herself as a teenager and I loved it so much I'm totally stealing the idea from her.

What I looked like (sorry, it's grainy but I had to get it from my yearbook):

Yes, even then I spent most of my time reading although it sadly wasn't hot gargoyle books (what a different experience that would have offered me in HS!)

What I Read:
Books about Anorexia

 And Serial Killers

What I Ate:

Who I Wanted to Marry:

My love of vampires started early

The Movie I Couldn't Stop Watching:

Now, hit me with your teen favorites...I love seeing people's "other" selves.


Unknown said...

Okay, I'm totally stealing this for a blog soon. lol. Love it. LOST BOYS rocked!!!~~Rachel Firasek

carey said...

oh, i am so stealing this. (also, love heathers.)

erica and christy said...

Okay, not sure how it happened, but I'm pretty sure I've gone through life never seeing Heathers. Weird, especially since the movie I couldn't stop watching back then was also a Christian Slater movie - Pump Up the Volume. And I read a lot of Stephen King.

Mandie Baxter said...

Captain Crunch is the best! And I Love "Lost Boys". The first one...the second one...well...bleck.

I at snickers and diet coke (fuel before soccer matches).
I read Fear Steet Books.
I wanted to marry Devon Sawa.
I couldn't stop watching Casper & Now & Then (both containing Devon S).

Theresa said...

Oh dear lord.. Keifer! Lost Boys is still one of my all time favorite movies. I ate nacho cheese doritos and beef jerkey, drank mt dew, read everything that margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman wrote, and wanted to marry Sebastian Bach (lead singer for Skid Row for those peeps that don't know). I must say though... I am so glad that I grew up to be a Sassy Street Siren *wink*

Anonymous said...

Loved The Lost Boys that is a classic movie!!! and Misery is a great book!! oh Theresa- Sebastian Bach was sooo yummy!!! :) See there is reason we are "sisters"!!! :)


OMG I loved Keifer, and yes I wanted to marry him too lol *sigh* and oh Christian Slater well enough said about him lol. Oh the 80's what a great time. Pump up the volume was the best movie, loved reading Stephen King, and V.C. Andrews. I still read Stephen King and Christian Slater is hotter then ever lol. Great post oh the cool memories. Thanks I needed that smile today :)
*waving* from Sassy Street Siren
Naughty Nattie

Lisa (Lisa's World of Books) said...

Oh I love this! How much fun! I was talking with my husband about the fact that I am really not sure what I read in my teens but I know I read a lot. Who knows. I loved watch Saved by the Bell and wanted to marry Zach. Yes, I am on the young side. I eat - gosh I dont remember. Very bad memory apparently.

Sassy Street Siren

lindalou said...

I loved the Lost Boys... I really loved Rocky Horror Show too... I was in love with Johnny Quest too... I really enjoyed reading this post! Memories...
NOW... I have to support my Sassy Siren Sisters by joining them in ~~~~WAVING~~~~ a BIG HI to you!

*yadkny* said...

My mom is a big fan of the movie "Lost Boys" so that was the first "scary" movie she made me watch with her since she knew I wouldn't have been able to watch it myself. Unfortunately as a teen I only read the required reading materials, so I grew to have an appreciation for Emily Bronte, Shakespeare, Jane Austin... among others but didn't really venture out into what I wanted to read. That is until I discovered a few YA authors and then I never looked back from there and eventually started reading adult authors as well. For the longest time when I was a teen I wanted to marry Leonardo DiCaprio... Titanic just really did it for me back then:)

Alexis Bass said...

I love Heathers!

There should totally be a Blog day where everyone blogs about when they were a teen. If anyone takes this idea and runs with it from your blog it will be like the ‘pay if forward blog’ as I got the idea from someone else too!

~ Babs ~ said...

Oh the memories I loved the lost boys I still have the movie today and re-watch it. I think we all wanted Kefier at one point. I also love the 80's music I was an 80's teenager. All the music was good. Love the blog and now a new follower.

From another Sassy Siren Sister waving to all of my sisters.


Unknown said...

I love all the John Hughe's movies..they are my guilty pleasure. I remember Heathers. We just went to an 80s theme party a few months ago and let me tell threw me back to my teen years.

Heather aka Earth
Sassy Street Siren

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

I was a total nerd. I watched Last of the Mohicans about 60 zillion times. I was in love with Daniel Day Lewis' Indian brother. LOL!

I ate freshly-baked loaves of bread from the bakery across the street from our apartment ... and fish balls. (No, not fish balls -- fish meat rolled into balls and skewered on a stick ... I lived in Hong Kong.)

I was not as pretty as you were. I had HUGE curly hair and I didn't even use hair spray. It was just naturally gigantic. Thank you Hong Kong crazy humidity.

Yeah, I was a nerd.


Unknown said...

This is what started my vampire fascination Im sure !! loved the Lost boys !!!! Love 80's shows and music !! Im another sassy street siren !! ** waves ** !!! lol.. ;) now am following you !!!


Carrie said...

Love this! I read The Great Gatsby and ate cookies from the cafeteria. I loved Tom Cruise (pre-crazy...but still...what was I thinking?). LOVED Heathers and thought Pump up the Volume was, like, totally DEEP, you know?

Bruce said...

I read Dune. I ate Red Hot Pork Rinds and drank Peach NiHi. I wanted to marry Laura Petrie. We lived too far out in the country for cable and did not have a VCR, so movies were not watched repeatedly. Does Sassy Street run parallel to Sesame?