Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inside the Author's Studio with Ali Cross

Today, I am super happy to have Ali Cross at my blog for a special edition of Inside the Author's Studio. Ali blogs here and her new book BECOME was released last week. Remember that one lucky commenter will receive a copy of BECOME (U.S. only please). 

What is your favorite word? JOYFUL!

What is your least favorite word? Um I’m not sure if I can say it. It’s a four letter word that starts with c and ends with t and is a very, very ugly word people sometimes call a woman. Blech.

What turns your current MC on? Ooh. Maybe I could say that word. ;) Hm, what turns Desi on? I think that would be fingertips gently traced over her neck and behind her hair.

What turns your current MC off? Someone trying to control her.

What sound do you love? I love the sound of my children’s laughter, or the sound of my husband singing “You Are My Sunshine” in a sleepy voice when I need a little comforting in the middle of the night (I have nightmares sometimes).

What sound do you hate? The sound of people fighting.

What is your favorite YA quirk? Oh heh heh. Um? Uh. (I’m about as eloquent as Desi, here). I don’t think people, and maybe especially teens, tell the truth about their feelings. So I tend to write teens that don’t tell the truth. I am suddenly doubting my answer here—wish I had a funny quirk to share, but Desi’s kind of not funny. Probably because I am not funny. :P

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? I would have liked to have a more of a career in singing. I sang for a few years with Opera Idaho—but I would have loved to sing at the Met or New York City Opera. But if you’re asking for something I have never done, even in part, I’d say large animal vet.

What profession would you rather bathe in a vat of urine than attempting? Hahahaha! It would have to be something really bad for me to prefer the cat urine—that stuff is horrid. Worse than horrid. Shiver. And I just now realized you did NOT say cat urine, but I’m not going to change what I wrote because everyone can agree that cat urine is baaaaaaaad. Yet I would rather bathe in that than be a potato sorter (again).

If John Green exists and sits at your table at a SCBWI conference, what would you like him to say to you? First, I’d like to hope I didn’t snort my drink, or spill it on him, as I am wont to do around awesome, funny people. Then I’d hope he’d get right up in my face, give me that intense look he has and say, “Dude, you are the best nerdfigher anywhere and your words DO. NOT. SUCK.” 

This was a lot of fun Christa! Thanks so much for having me at your blog today! You’re the best!

Thanks to Ali for joining us!!


Unknown said...

This was fabulous! I'm loving the idea of INSIDE THE AUTHORS STUDIO! I want more!!! This made me giggle. Ali is awesome and so are you for creating something so AWESOME!

Enough gushing... just know I'm here to further stalk you.

Talli Roland said...

Thanks, Christa and Ali! Joyful is such a great word. And there's nothing worse than people fighting. I'm getting stressed just picturing it!

Emily R. King said...

Ali's favorite word being "joyful" suits her well. I wasn't surprised at all. I just won a copy of Become and I'm so stoked to read it. Now I don't have to wait until Christmas
Great interview, Ali and Christa!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cat urine? Yuck!
And I can only imagine what I'd sound like singing to my wife in the middle of the night. It might give her nightmares.

ali cross said...

LOL, you guys are funny. And Alex, don't try it till you knock it. :)

Thanks again for having me Christa!

Jolene Perry said...


You're so awesome.

Also. John Green??
One of those times when you have the chance to be the bestest, smartest nerd anywhere - yeah - I'd definitely mess that up.

Brinda said...

These unique interviews questions rocked! I loved Ali's favorite sounds. My dh sings "Blue Skies" to me every once in a while to show me he loves me. He can't sing at all, but it's cute.

Mark said...

I love this questionnaire...reminds me of the Charles Lipton show on Bravo;)

Alison Miller said...

Yes, I think that C word is my least favorite word too. And if John Green were that close to me, I don't know if I could string two words together coherently.

Great interview!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic interview. I also dislike the c-word.

Ewww, cat urine.