Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Inside the Author's Studio with Nova Ren Suma & A GIVEAWAY

It is time once again for you all to meet another fabulous YA author. Today's guest for Inside the Author's Studio is Nova Ren Suma, author of the absolutely wonderful IMAGINARY GIRLS. Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of IMAGINARY GIRLS. 

1.     What is your favorite word? I’m afraid it might be the word just. (I mean, just look at my first drafts before I start revising and reining myself in. I seem to adore that word so much I just use it constantly. I just can’t help it.)

2.     What is your least favorite word? Can’t. (When someone tells me I can’t do something, I immediately get fired up and decide I can and I will.)

3.     What turns your current MC on? Mystery.

4.     What turns your current MC off? Being locked for hours in a coat closet.

5.     What sound do you love? A pounding rainstorm—especially when heard from beneath an umbrella while walking through the park at night, or through an open window when I’m indoors and dry, or (my favorite) while in the passenger seat of a car that’s driving down a long, dark road.

6.     What sound do you hate? Jackhammers on the sidewalk when I am trying to write! Not even earplugs or music can keep the sound out of my head, even from twelve floors above the street! Can you see it drives me insane!

7.     What is your favorite YA quirk? (i.e. The Colonel’s desire to give everyone nicknames) Lists. 1) I love it when a narrator suddenly breaks into list form to tell you important things. 2) Or even random things. 3) Because often what’s revealed in the list colors everything else in the story. 4) Or acts as a diversion. 5) And I always enjoy a good diversion. 

8.     What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Do you ever wonder about being something completely other than what you are? After a day sitting in a chair and agonizing over words, I do. So if I were a different person entirely from the person I am—and by that I mean if I were a physically coordinated, graceful, fit, and brave person—I’d be a surfer. That’s all I’d do. I’d surf, nap on the beach, and wake up early the next morning to go in the ocean again. I should probably admit that I’ve never surfed before and I can barely swim, but watching from afar it seems so exhilarating. So worry-free… aside from sunburn and sharks, of course.

9.     What profession would you rather bathe in a vat of urine than attempting? Debt collector. That’s something I’d never do to anyone else, even with a gun to my head.

10.     If John Green exists and sits at your table at a SCBWI conference, what would you like him to say to you? “I read your book and I loved it.” Don’t we all wish he’d one day whisper such beautiful words into our ears? (And one day, if he does indeed exist and I ever get to meet him, I’ll probably say those very words to him. Because I’ve read all his books and I love them.)

Thank You Nova! Isn't she adorable? Go follow her on Twitter: @novaren


Stephanie said...

I love list-making characters, too! Just reason one billion why YA is better than every other genre--narration interrupted by the spontaneous making of lists.

Alexis Bass said...

Not much compares to the sound of rain. :) Great interview!

Lori M. Lee said...

I feel the same about the word 'can't' :D And writing to the sound of a rainstorm is so calming.

I like how that last question is phrased LOL. Someone should inform John Green that he doesn't exist =P

Jennie Bennett said...

1st let me say that I LOVE your new design. So pretty! Second this sounds like my kind of gal, I never realized how much I like lists before :)

AliyaPM said...

I agree, pounding rainstorms are the best sound.
I just myself using "just" all the time. When I edit my papers for school I have to edit that word out all over the place.
Surfing seems like so much fun. I hope I learn someday. :)

Nice interview!

Heather said...

It sounds like Nova and I share favorite words in common. I'd love to be a surfer too if I didn't have a huge fear of things in deep water that can eat me. Best of luck with Imaginary Girls, it sounds like an excellent book.

Chey said...

I love that last question! The answer was perfect. :P I really need to read this book!


you gotta wonder said...

Great interview! I'm charmed.

Katy Upperman said...

This is fabulous! I've been meaning to get to IMAGINARY GIRLS for awhile now(LOVE the cover!), and now I'm even more anxious to read it. Fantastic interview, Nova and Christa!

Mandie Baxter said...

Just love these interviews! AND I LOVE the word JUST so much too! It's just great.

Tiffany Drew said...

Rain is one of my favorite sounds too! I love napping to the sound of rain on the window next to my pillow. I could spend a day just laying there listening to it :)


Bidisha said...

This is one of the best interviews I've read. Great questions and amazing answers!

'Just' is my fave word too, and 'can't' my least. I smell a twinsie here ;)

Also, I adore lists.

Sophia said...

I think "just" is a pretty odd word for a favorite, but I like how it's totally original. Oh, and the sound of a great rainstorm is always awesome!