Monday, July 18, 2011

My Writing Community

First, I want to thank everyone for weighing in on my query letter. Wow! That was a truly amazing experience and you all had such helpful things to say. This query process has been so much more seamless than the last one. Partially because it's an easier book to write a query for and partially because of all the thoughtful suggestions from writers.

I've been (officially) writing for almost 18 months now, but have really only been tapped into the writing community since January of 2011. And what an amazing community it is. There are so many people out there willing to share books, share thoughts, share resources. I love when you are in a place where there are so many people who are "for" each other. Writers want me to succeed and I want other writers to succeed. And yes, there are times when I get jealous of other people's success, but then I realize that they have worked hard for what they've gained and I feel happy for them. And it makes me dig in and work harder.

And if anyone asked me to describe the perfect life for me, I would describe the one I'm living (well, maybe it would be okay if I was a published author!). I have so much gratitude for the people around me (family, friends, writers). And honestly, there is not one thing in this journey that I regret. Everything I've done, everyone I've met, has brought me a step closer to this life I love. So thank you.

And I hope that I am able to repay all that you have done for me. I hope by reading extra chapters of your books (to give you more of a chance) or beta reading your next book or offering suggestions to your queries or plugging your blogs/books, I am doing my part to pay back all that has been given to me.

You are all made of awesomesauce.


P.S. I hope you are all looking forward to my new blog segment "Christa Talks to the Teen" with Aliya. My first batch of questions will be answered by her here on July 29.


Miranda Hardy said...

The writing community is great. A valuable source of information. I love it that we are not competitors, but more like partners. We want the readers to love all our books.

Heather said...

It is an amazing community, so true! Partly because you're in it! :) I'm definitely looking forward to your new segment about talking to teens. Sounds like fun!

AliyaPM said...

I joined the community in May and am still finding out just how wonderful everyone is. Really great post.
I'm excited for the 29th!

Alexis Bass said...

The writing community IS amazing! I knew it would be amazing, but I had no idea how amazing it would be! I did read through your query and I must say I think it's genius to tell that story from the perspective of a person trying to make sense of the situation - whose outside of the situation. Genius! Will you be pitching this MANHOLE at SCBWI LA?

Jennie Bennett said...

You are the amazing one, my friend! I don’t know that I'll ever Query so you're one up on me!

anthony stemke said...

We learn a lot from each other. My spouse's YA novel is helped along by fellow writers.

And yeah, I want to see "Christa hoses down college boys..." too.

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...


Stephsco said...

I've been in w/ the writing community for the same amount of time, and also blown away by how helpful and supportive people are.