Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On Writing Boy Heartbreak

I am deep in revisions right now, about half way through my first round of RADIO STATIONS ARE FOR LOSERS.  (Yes betas, it will be coming to you soon!)  It has kept me from blogging because I am trying to save all my wit for my dj boy Kyle.

I have fallen a little in love with Kyle.  I hope Julio doesn't think I am cheating on him.

The great thing about writing YA books is that you can create the people that should have been in your life in high school.  The ones that you wish you had known or met.  I re-read Stephanie Perkins' ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS last night.  I almost never re-read books but it is such a lovely one and handles YA romance so well that I wanted to revisit it.

My boy Kyle had his heart broken today.  It was difficult to write.  And pretty great at the same time.  I sort of like writing boy heartbreak.   It remains to be seen if I got it right.

Today's blurb from Kyle:

"I was pretty excited when Mr. Sherwin pulled the “work in pairs” thing until Olivia pretended like she barely knew me.  Like she hadn’t been sitting on my lap with her hands all over me in the control room.  I felt kind of sick really.  Because Olivia had learned the secret language of girls quickly and I was the fool who had been sucked in by her awesome irreverence only to be later skewered by her inevitable rejection." 

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Roland D. Yeomans said...

Heartbreak is hard. Harder when you're a teen, for the layers of callous from past breaks are not there. It is never easy for me to write of the heartbreak of either girls or guys. I've been there. May your writing take off like you dream, Roland