Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Knucklehead

For those following the fictional character thread of this blogfest: K is for Katniss Katniss Katniss. 

And speaking of the HUNGER GAMES, I read it over the summer. And loved it, which I wasn't expecting. Dystopia is not really my bag. I like my worlds to be a bit less depressing. That being said, I could not put HG down. 

When I finished it, I told Julio (my husband) about it. Dystopia is completely his bag. Every XBox360 game he has is seeped in this theme. And yet, when I described HUNGER GAMES to him, his reaction was this: 

J: "Yeah, I'm not going to read that, I've already seen the movie."
Me: "The movie hasn't come out yet."
J: "Yes, it has, it's called Tekken." 

Then, he proceeds to download the trailer on YouTube for me.  

Me: "You are such a knucklehead. Sometimes, I can't figure out how we managed to find each other."

Please back me up in pointing out how dissimilar these two things are. For the love of all literary integrity, please.


mooderino said...

I think there are a number of movies/books that have already used the Hunger Games idea, the most similar is probably Battle Royale. I wouldn't put tekken very high on the list, especially as hardly anyone will ever see it.

Moody Writing

Tara Tyler said...

I'm enjoying HG now and between writing and a busy baseball season, my goal is to finish before the movie comes out!
Happy K day!

Angela said...

You know what they say, "There's nothing new under the sun."

Even if it bares a resemblance, there's no way it's completely the same.

Bruce said...

Moody-San is right. "Battle Royale" is the movie to see. If you insist on reading, check out Stephen King's "Long Walk" (YA) or "Running Man" (OldAdult) Richard Dawson kills in the Running Man movie but, otherwise, it is a waste of time. "Long Walk" was the first story that King started.

Karen Walker said...

Sorry, but I don't know anything about these things, but it's nice to "meet" you anyway.

Alexis Bass said...

I'll back you on this! It is SOOOOOOO not The Hunger Games. Nothing about the two plots is similar except for the dystopian setting. :) He'll see when the REAL movie comes out. haha -

Unknown said...

Hello, you have a great blog.And as said above, there's nothing new under the sun. :):)

Unknown said...

Even if there's nothing new, this trailer is not Hunger Games. I'm not a dystopia fan either, but I devoured all three books in her series. I was engaged and appalled at the same time. Most important, I didn't put the book down and I wanted more. Nice to meet you through the Challenge.